Grading & Assignments

A Word or Two about Grading

I will grade using rubrics with points, the table below explains the weighted value of all assignments with the corresponding number of points. All grades will be recorded and commented upon in BlackBoard. Depending on the kind of commentary you need, I may attach an explanatory video, voicemail, or written comments to your Blackboard grade. I will attach a word document version of your first post so that I may address any writing issues that I see early on; however, the second post will be graded using the rubric only. Please notify me if for some reason the comments are not showing up, you cannot access them, or you have additional questions. 

As you can see, this course will require a great deal of writing, including blog posts, weekly comments, and a final project. Because we are studying literature, knowing “things” isn’t as important as thinking, interpreting, and analyzing critically. That means we don’t have tests; we write; we write a lot. Because this is an online class, one major objective is to learn how to write successfully for the web, and I have provided more information about how to do this throughout the site.

Scoring Breakdown

Final letter grades will be assigned based on the following distribution: A (90% and above); B (80-89.9%); C (70-79.9%); D (60-69.9%); and, F (59.9% and below).

A student who participates in all discussions, completes all work on time, and engages with the readings will earn a “C” in the course.

To earn a B, you must exceed the minimum requirements of this course.  This includes making efforts of improvement and offering positive contributions to the class.  B work will be creative and in-depth, showing a greater amount of effort than that of C work.

To earn an A you must surpass the requirements for B work.  You must show consistent willingness to ask and answer difficult questions, read and analyze texts beyond the surface level, help generate challenging and stimulating class discussions, and incorporate lessons learned from previous assignments into future assignments.  A work  demonstrates inventive thinking as well as careful organization, clarity, and attention to detail.

Receiving D’s and F’s demonstrates that you are not fulfilling the minimum class requirements, and you have not completed all of the work.  If you are receiving these grades you should schedule a conference with me to discuss how you can better fulfill the class requirements.

Primary Blog Posts
2 @ 10% each=20% (100 points per major post)

Weekly Blog Participation
5 @ 10% each=50% (100 points per week)

1 @ 5% (50 points)

Final Project
1@25% (250 points)

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