Hello, my name is Kate Cookson. I have just completed my first year at SIUE, and have also changed my major in that year! Before SIUE I attended Southeast Missouri State. So far I have really enjoyed attending SIUE, all the professors and advisers have been very helpful, especially when changing my major. I have decided to change my major to English and minor in Digital Humanities. (With a little help from Dr. Despain!)

My plans for the Summer will mostly be filled with work. I work full time as a Pre School Toddler teacher. I have my own classroom and curriculum with four stubborn one year olds. It is a very rewarding job, it is amazing to watch them grow and develop into little people. The other part of my summer will consist of trying (unsuccessfully) to entertain my puppy. She is a thirteen week old puppy that is full of energy at all times. We have already mastered quite a few tricks and she is often too smart for her own good. She is a lot of work so far but she sure is cute!

As far as reading goes, I like to read pretty much anything! I enjoy many different genres but I really like the YA texts. So this class seems like a great fit!

A successful online student should keep up to date on the schedule and preform all assignments in the time frame given. They should also be invested in the material and read all material thoroughly. In my past literature class it was more of a short story analysis course. We examined the text and answered questions about it weekly. We also had quizzes every week that followed along with the stories we were reading. I am really looking forward to reading all of the texts we have for the class and I am excited to get started!