Hi everyone! My names A’iesha and I’d like to first apologize for the late post (turns out that even if you check out what’s been posted a week prior to the class beginning you may still miss something).

Ideally, I think a good student for this course will be someone who’s responsive and timely—I can assure you that typically I am this person! Additionally, they provide good feedback and actively seem interested in material. It’s never fun having one sided conversations with others–especially in online classes where we really have to go the extra mile to engage with each other. Also, I think that this person is someone who is willing to challenge others–while being respectful. It’s rare, I believe, in classes like this for people to have opinions that are entirely the same. So, speaking up, and voicing, those things that you don’t agree with makes this highly effective.

When it comes to online learning, I’ve come a long way! My first online class I took was the summer after my first year at SWIC and I nearly bombed it! But about two years later I took another class, Sustainable Psychology, and did great! Over time, I’ve come to prefer online classes—while they’re not face to face you still get to connect with your classmates when done right. Additionally, they far more convenient for me. I’m not one who’s able to do things in order sometimes–I take my test backwards when possible–so, this allows me to continue my unorthodox way of learning with more ease.

I’ve taken a handful of other literature classes. However, they were at SWIC. Typically, in my writing classes, we would read a lot because you can’t be a writer without reading. Right? I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed these types of classes and hearing other perspectives on the readings. It’s interesting to me how no one interprets everything the same. This also gives me a good understand on how to go about my own writing–I’m a creative writing minor. So, I think literature classes are cool because you get a lot out of them

I expect that this class will make me look at concepts in young adult literature that I’ve never really thought about. While, I’ve always been keen on it–especially in my mid teenage years–I never really analyzed it in the way that literature classes typically expect you to. So I’m excited!

This summer, I plan on going to a few concerts to see bands I like–like Weathers, Twin XL, and what other random concerts I buy tickets for spur of the moment–in addition to doing a lot of exploring out in nature and the city. I’m a major food person. I even just started an Instagram dedicated to all the food I’ve tried. So, I think that’ll be a fun thing that occupies my summer. I also plan on getting more in shape (you can’t eat good without picking up a couple of pounds). Lastly, I’m hoping that I’ll be starting a new job with my Psychology degree–this is my last semester for my undergrad!

When it comes to reading, I’m fairly open minded. My favorite books range from American Psycho to The Virgin Suicides to Call Me By Your Name. Typically, I can get into anything! I’m a major consumer of arts and books happen to my ultimate favorite form. I’ve gone through phases where I’ve been obsessed with everything–from supernatural to memoirs.

8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Nice to meet you, A’iesha (again!). We were just classmates in Ramaswamy’s 490 last semester! I’m currently in Sustainable Psychology for my other online class. It’s pretty interesting. I nearly bombed my first online class a couple years ago, too. Though this one seems like it might be easier, especially once you get a hang of the scheduling. I’m excited to see your thoughts on our readings, especially with how analytical your thinking seemed to be in Ramaswamy’s class!

    • Hey! I actually took that class last semester and loved it! (It’s what strangely put me on the track to wanting to study I/O Psychology! Do you have Daus? Because if so she’s super engaging and keeps it’s interesting—if you need help with anything I’d be happy to assist! Also, I was super happy when I saw that you were in the class too—along with someone who was in my fiction classes from last school year!

      • I do have Daus! I’m only having trouble with what’s important to remember in the readings so I can do better on the quizzes. 5 points is easy to fail, I’m realizing. I was happy as well! It’s going to make discussions funner.

        • Okay bare with me because it’s been a year but if I’m not mistaken when I took her class I got to use my book for the quizzes and just VERY quickly sorted through the book for answers. However, I do recommend that you always utilize the glossary for terms, use the headings to guide you, and keep one word in mind when skimming the text to find a specific thing. Sorry if those are not the most helpful tips! :/

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